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Service 1


MSPD ltd is large team of expert individuals that are experienced in every sector of building industry

As it is known now and again one of the most important part of the property is its flooring

We provide a variety of flooring supplies and we install it almost in every different types of properties including retail,residential,sports and activity premises,commercial premises,offices and leisure

Our expert designers would get with you and listen to your requirements and draw the best possible designs according to your inquiry and then it will be passed on to our skilled builders and with the help of the high quality timbers and materials we will ensure that the flooring of your property will look as inspiring as the sky and as comforting as the forest

Please get in touch with us in order to get a quotation for your property and to discuss further details of getting a contract

Service 2


MSPD services teams is a large group of expert contractors in roofing industry in a London wide coverage rage that provides wide variety of roofing services such as:

Asbestos roof removal,replacement

Asphalt roofing

Commercial and industrial roofing

Warehouse roofing

Roof Refurbish and repair

Cladding and metal roofing installation and replacement

Roofing maintenance

And a lot more in between

To ensure the safety of you and your family members conducted by professionals using high quality equipment's to get the most efficient results and leave you satisfied 

We understand that sometimes everything can't go right specially when it's a leaky roof involved in unexpected time,for such circumstances we offer 24/7 repair service with a short notice of time

For any roofing inquiries please don't hesitate to contact our team for advice or to arrange a view and discuss an affordable price tailored for you requirements