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House Extension

High Quality House Extensions

Some believe that getting your property extended can never be at its best as if it's like adding somethings unoriginal to the original part that's been made before

We believe otherwise,if it is done professionally according to UK building regulations and with proper material in the hands of an expert it will become a quite surprising event

No matter the what size the project we will approach with same manner of work ethics

If you're looking to add additional space to your property like enlarging your kitchen,extending your rooms or adding an extra bathroom to your property then your are checking the right place

Building an extension or a loft conversion is a good way to increase the space and value of your property,therefore it's a great investment specially in a family house

MSPD provides specialists in a London wide range of property improvement using experts in its design according to your specific requirements and experienced builders through its building process

Please contact us by either calling us or dropping an email to get a free quote on your inquiry and to get more detailed information